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Here’s a first look at Fedeen Games’ upcoming Babel Ascending expansion for Forsaken World Mobile

Recently Fedeen Games announced that the first major expansion for their mobile MMORPG called Forsaken World Mobile was on the way. Well today we now get to take a first look at the upcoming Babel Ascending expansion including what will all be coming with it and some of the gameplay in action.

If you’re not familiar with this game, Forsaken World Mobile is the mobile version of the popular PC MMORPG of the same name (Forsaken World). While it doesn’t have mobile gamers and PC gamers on the same servers, it does have a majority of the content found in the PC version available to Android gamers playing the mobile version. Babel Ascending has one major component to it, with several smaller features as well.

The biggest part of Babel Ascending is the new Babel dungeon which contains over 100 floors that players will need to work their way up to the top. Each floor has a variety of enemies that players will need to defeat in order to get to the next floor. As you can imagine, there will be plenty of loot to find in there as well. With 100 floors, this dungeon is not going to be one that players can just whip through.

Babel Ascending will also introduce two new World Bosses to Forsaken World Mobile. Since there are World Bosses, single players can not defeat them. Beating the two new World Bosses will require the combined efforts of many players taking on one of the bosses at the same time. In other words, these two new bosses are outdoor raid bosses.

Another addition to the game with the Babel Ascending expansion is in-game marriage system which a lot of players have been waiting for apparently. This system is pretty much as it sounds, allowing two players to ‘marry’ their characters in-game with a ceremony and all.

The Babel Ascending expansion will be arriving at some point this year, although no specific launch date has been revealed just yet. You can see a sneak peak at the new expansion in the video above. We will post an update once more details are revealed.

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