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Gamevil finally globally launches Zenonia S: Rifts in Time on Android today

Gamevil held two closed betas and a soft launch for Zenonia S: Rifts in Time since it was announced as coming to Android. Since the soft launch, there hasn’t been much in the way of word regarding the actual global launch. Well today is the day everyone gets to play Zenonia S, which used to be called Zenonia Online.

For those of you who missed our previous coverage, Zenonia S is the sixth title in the franchise and brings more of a multiplayer aspect to the game than previous titles. Interestingly enough, while this is a full Zenonia title, Gamevil has had it labeled as a spin-off of the franchise for quite some time. This was mainly due to the larger focus on social interaction and the different style of gameplay in this game versus previous Zenonia titles. That part has also been dropped and it is now a full Zenonia game.

Our time in the closed beta

Players will have five classes to choose from: Slasher, Ranger, Fighter, Magician, and Assassin. Each have their own strengths, weakness, and unique abilities. Each class also has their own special class of armor and weaponry. This game also features real-time raid boss fights, of which there is currently 12 of, and defeating each one will net you special rewards. Other content includes over 90 levels and 141 different types of monsters to deal with. There’s also over 200 quests you can try to complete.

Outside of all of that content, there is also the Monster Wave mode available to try your luck in, and also Player vs Player combat as well. For those of you who have been waiting for the global launch, you can now download the game off of Google Play for free and it does come with optional IAPs as well.

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