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Hero Entertainment will be launching their eSports focused mobile title Crisis Action in the West soon

Hero Entertainment has announced today that they will soon be releasing their eSports focused mobile game called Crisis Action onto both Android and iOS in the West. Currently the game is already available on both platforms in China and Taiwan where it already has over 120 million users. So there won’t be a problem finding people to play against.

Crisis Action is a 3D FPS title which takes a lot of influence from Counter-Strike specifically. However, while the game takes inspiration from that game, there are a lot of unique features to it as well. Players will be able to fully customize their weapons and the game also has a character upgrade system. According to Hero Entertainment, there is also a “plethora of gameplay options and match types”.

You may be wondering at this point where the eSports focus is with Crisis Action. Currently Hero Entertainment holds tournaments which has offered up $2 million so far in prizes. Their goal with this release is also to replicate the same success the company has had with mobile eSports in China and Taiwan with Crisis Action here in the Western market.

Crisis Action is slated for release here in the West before the end of 2015. Right now it is looking like a December release date. When it does become available, you’ll be able to download it for free. You can check out a couple more screenshots below as well as some gameplay in the video.

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