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Two new games become available for the Nvidia Shield brand of devices: Xplane 10 and Codex The Warrior

Two new games have been updated with support for the Nvidia Shield brand of devices. One of them isn’t available just yet, but has been announced as coming to Nvidia devices very soon. The other game, however, is available now for anyone with a Shield device.

The two games are XPlane 10 Flight Simulator and Codex The Warrior, with XPlane 10 not being available just yet while Codex the Warrior can be downloaded with support for Shield devices. If you don’t know about either of these games then you’re in luck because we will explain both below!

XPlane 10 Flight Simulator

As you can probably tell by the name of this game, XPlane 10 is a full flight simulator where you will be able to fly all kinds of planes in all kinds of situations. You can fly passenger planes to military ones and everything in between. As for scenarios, you can do everything from Internet multiplayer, combat missions, and emergency scenarios to tutorials, 3D cockpits, and more.

Of those above mentioned scenarios, there are 24 challenges, 9 different tutorials (teaching the basics of takeoffs & landings, traffic patterns, helicopters), and you will also have to deal with busy airports and air traffic as well. You’ll start off with a Cessna 172 (plus all 5 scenery regions) for free. If you want more airplanes and challenges, those are available through IAPs. The airplace available for purchase are F22 Raptor, Airbus A320 Airliner, Boeing B777200ER Airliner, Bombardier CRJ200 Regional Jet, A10 Thunderbolt II (“Warthog”), F4 Phantom II, Beechcraft Baron B58, Beechcraft King Air C90B, Piper PA18 Super Cub, Piaggio P.180 Avanti, and the Sikorsky S76 helicopter. All of them have interactive cockpits as well.

Unfortunately there is no release date as to when this game will arrive, only that it is coming soon. When it does arrive, it will be available for all Shield devices as a free download, and comes with full multiplayer and controller support as well. We will post an update once it does arrive.

Codex The Warrior

The other game that has received Shield compatibility is Codex the Warrior from Kuung Games. This is far different than XPlane 10 if you couldn’t tell. This particular game is an Action-RPG title with plenty of 3D graphical eye candy to enjoy. As players make their way through a dungeon, you will be going 1-on-1 with the enemy of that particular floor, so there is a brawler aspect to this game as well. The end goal is to find the Codex hidden within the dungeon before a great evil gets it hands on it, and then takes over the world. Players will be able to upgrade their warrior’s skills as they progress through the game as well as upgrading weapons and armor you find.

Codex The Warrior Features:

– Incredible console-quality graphics featuring per pixel lighting, dynamic lights and dynamic shadows, all powered by the NVIDIA SHIELD.
– Exhilarating 1v1 dungeon combat that will leave you breathless.
– Unique monsters and level bosses with eye-popping custom animations.
– Deep combat with upgradable skills to help you defeat Tiraz.
– Hundreds of weapons and armor that can be upgraded and crafted to increase your power against the endless demon hordes.
– Responsive and intuitive controls to ensure you show off your full skills.

One thing to note about this game, when you are not in combat with the enemy on that floor, exploration of the dungeon happens automatically. So there is a sort of on-rails exploration with the dungeon. The combat is where you control your character.

Codex The Warrior is available for all Shield brand devices and does come with full controller support now. This game is available off of Google Play for free with optional IAPs as well.

Official Website: XPlane 10 on Nvidia Shield

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