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See how much loot you can snag in Amazing Loot Grind, now on Google Play

Released by Star Penguin Games, Amazing Loot Grind is a different kind of RPG. Players will assume the role of a hero who, after having successfully completed a quest, has all the acquired loot stolen by a malicious wizard. Players are tasked with reclaiming the loot that was hard won to begin with.

What makes this game different from most other RPGs though, is that the game focuses solely on the loot, with all of the other inherent elements associated with them being stripped away. Players will simply open treasure chest after treasure chest, to see what’s inside.

Amazing Loot Grind features:

· Over 1400 unique loot items to collect
· 7 levels of loot rarity to grind
· Endless chests to open
· A good-natured critique of random loot systems

As players find different kinds of loot, and equip them, the odds of finding improved loot goes up. Players will then upgrade their currently equipped gear with the new and better gear, thus increasing the odds of finding yet better loot, and so on. The Dev even likens this game to that of a slot machine.

The Amazing Loot Grind is available for free from Google Play. You can see this game in action with the video below.

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