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Fedeen Games announces a new Action-RPG for Android called Pocket Gothic

Fedeen Games have been busy these days it seems, releasing a content update for Forsaken World Mobile, working on a new game, and now announcing Pocket Gothic. This particular game is a side-scrolling Action-RPG that features a blend of dark horror theme mixed with a slightly more cute anime look. This just means the characters have a bit more of a cute aesthetic to them, but the overall game’s theme is more of a dark horror type. At least that’s how it is being described.

In Pocket Gothic players will have four different classes to choose from: Dragoon, Spellsword, Gunslinger, and Arcanist. The first two classes are focused on melee-based combat, while the last two feature more ranged-style combat. Dragoon is more of a warrior/tank type of class, while the Spellsword mixes both magic and sword fighting. Gunslinger is fairly obvious, while the Arcanist is all about elemental-based spells.

After you have picked your character’s class, you will then head off to take on a variety of different monsters all bent on killing you. Unfortunately this is about the extent of the details we know so far about Pocket Gothic. We do, however, have a teaser trailer to check out which you can with the video above.

There is also an official micro-site for Pocket Gothic but that doesn’t seem to be live just yet. When it does go live though there will be a pre-registration sign-up available for Pocket Gothic and anyone who does so will receive some in-game rewards when it launches. We will post an update once the site is live. Right now there is no specific release date, but when it does arrive it will be free to download.

Official Website: Pocket Gothic

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