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Have a Google Music subscription? If you do then you get a discount on buying games, movies and more.

An interesting bit of news today that one of our readers stumbled upon. We are not exactly sure when this started, although it had to be pretty recently, but if you have a Google Music subscription, you will receive a discount when purchasing a game. This probably also works for applications and it also is confirmed to work on movies and music.

Basically if you have a Google Music subscription, when you go to buy a game you should receive a small note in the ‘Buy Now’ window that pops up stating that you are receiving a 10% discount on that purchase. Apparently this discount is because you have the subscription to Google Music.

As seen in the screenshots above, during the purchase window there is a tiny note that says 10% off because of your Google Music subscription. If you don’t have a subscription, you won’t get the discount. The only thing we are not positive about is if this little bonus discount is worldwide, or only available in certain regions.

Thanks to John McNichol for spotting this and the screenshots.

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