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Nintendo confirms today that all mobile games in development are free-to-play titles

Today Nintendo held their earnings call where the company confirmed some news that we have all been guessing at being true. All of Nintendo’s mobile games that are currently in development will be free-to-play titles with optional IAPs coming with them. This was pretty much a given fact back when Nintendo announced their publishing deal with DeNA for five mobile games to launch between now and April 2017.

DeNA focuses solely on free-to-play mobile games, so when Nintendo announced their partnership with DeNA, the only real option was that their games would also be free-to-play. However, back in the end of October, Nintendo threw out a hopeful wrench into the whole thing when they revealed Miitomo, their first mobile game. When Nintendo CEO Kimishima took stage at last month’s press conference and Miitomo was presented to everyone, it was suggested that while this first game would be a free-to-play game, that subsequent releases would not be.

Today, however, all of that has changed. Nintendo is very focused on keeping true to their catalog of IPs, so making them all free-to-play probably wasn’t the easiest decision on the planet to make. Interestingly enough, Nintendo was hesitant to actually refer to Miitomo as a game today, instead calling it a communication-based app. This could be from the multitude of opinions out there about Miitomo, many of which don’t consider it to even be close to a game, including us.

Of course things can always change and before you know it we could be reporting on the next few Nintendo mobile games actually being a premium price instead of free-to-play. For now though, the word is that these games are going to be free-to-play. It seems with all the back and forth decisions Nintendo is making right now that even they aren’t sure still what they really want to do regarding their mobile games.

Website Referenced: Polygon

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