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Planet Diver is an upcoming daredevil game landing on Android next month

Fabraz has announced their newest game for Android, called Planet Diver, which will be landing on Google Play at the beginning of next month. This particular game is all about a daredevil who is trying to be the very best at her newest obsession, which happens to be wing suit diving.

Players will take control of our daredevil hero, who won’t be jumping without her robotic companion named Buddy, as she travels across space looking for the next best, yet insanely dangerous, wing suit dive. Each planet has their own unique chasms to dive into but, of course, things are not always that easy. Some planets are not very hospitable, so you’ll be fighting off a variety of flora and fauna on each planet in order to get that next awesome dive in.

Planet Diver Features:

– Story/Campaign Mode with 75 missions to start
– An endless arcade mode for each planet that pushes the challenge to the limit.
– Carefully crafted, randomly generated chasms that make each dive unique!
– All planets have their own special biomes, obstacles, enemies and bosses!
– Fast-paced gameplay where you need to avoid, brake and speed up like a pro diver!
– Unique obstacles and enemies like bats that follow your every move, lava that slowly cuts off your escape or a… giant whale?!
– A lot of terrifying boss fights that require fast reflexes and a sharp mind.
– A vibrant setting with a fun, quirky story to explore the depth of space!
– A cool astro shop full of unlockables like diving suits, modifiers and music!
– Competitive leaderboards for the score junkies out there!
– Plenty of hidden easter eggs that can be found throughout the extensive planet surfaces you explore!

Along the way you will also be collecting valuable star ‘stuff’, which is to help fund your adventures. You will use this to fly to planets that are further away, get new outfits and equipment, and special ability modifiers as well to help you not go splat. Content is randomly generated so each dive will always be different, so the replay value is pretty high. To start, Planet Diver will come with 3 planets, 9 biomes and 75 unique missions.

For those of you interested in this game, Planet Diver will be landing on Android this December 1st. When it does land, it will be available for $1.99. We don’t know just yet if there will be any IAPs, probably not. In the meantime, you can check out the game’s trailer below as well as additional screenshots. We’ll post an update once this game arrives.

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