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DroidGamers Early Black Friday Deals: SkyHub Back-up Lifetime Subscription and Snowflake Stealth Drone

Today’s DroidGamers Deals feature two products that you can use a special code on to get an additional 10% off the listed price as part of an early Black Friday sale on our store. As we get closer to Christmas, we will be posting more gift ideas as well for the discerning gamer/geek like we all are here.

The first deal is for a lifetime subscription to SkyHub Cloud 1TB Back-Up which is a lot of space to store whatever you want. On top of being able to store a hell of a lot online, you can access it all with your own dashboard as well. All that means is that it’s easier to look through your stuff, upload more, remove whatever you want etc etc.

The SkyHub Cloud back-up can be set to automatically back-up up to 4 computers, and if you need to, you can add more to your account anytime and backup all your devices, discs & thumb-drives. Usually a lifetime subscription would cost about $450 but for the next 2 days it can be purchased for $49.99. If you use the code EARLY10, you’ll receive another 10% off that price as well as part of our early Black Friday promotion.

Our other early Black Friday deal is for a Snowflake Stealth Drone which can do just about any maneuver or trick that any other drone can do. It also comes with 4 multi-colored LED lights so you can see what you’re doing at night, should you want to do some flying in the dark.

Snowflake Drone Features:

– 6-axis gyro technology for smooth & steady flight
– High-speed mode for outdoor racing
– 4 multi-color LED lights to navigate the night’s sky
– 2.4 technology to avoid multi-drone collision
– 4 safety-protected propellers for crash recovery
– 4CH digital proportional RC system for indoor & outdoor flight

This drone usually costs around $100 but for the next few days can be picked up for $34.99. If you use that code we mentioned earlier, the EARLY10 discount code, you will receive an additional 10% off the sale price. The discount code is only available until Black Friday, which at that point will be replaced by another one for a big Black Friday sale. Our entire Holiday Gift sections are now up and live in our store as well, in case you want to check those out.

DroidGamers Deals: Snowflake Stealth Drone | SkyHub 1TB Cloud Back-up Lifetime Subscription

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