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Love Archery? Then you might want to check out Core Archery, now on Google Play

Released by Aleksi Rantonen, Core Archery is a new sim available for Android. They game utilizes a one touch system, where the drawing, aiming, and anchoring of them arm are all accomplished with a single gesture. There are completions among the leader boards, to see who scores the best at the variety of distances within the game.

Core Archery has a total of nine levels to be mastered, and emphasizes the mastery of the drawing-, aiming- and release-techniques through practice. So there is a level of skill you’ll need to develop to end up being successful at this game.

Core Archery Features:

– Unique single touch controls
– Realistic archery experience
– 9 levels with lots of challenge
– Smooth 3D graphics
– Ad Sponsored: completely free to play

On a note of interest, I was reading some of the comments for the game in Google Play, and saw that one of the players had unseated the developer as the best archer in a particular distance, and the developer replied back that he’d strive to retake the top spot. I think this speaks well of the developer for being a good sport at losing the top spot of the game he created, so feel free to take him on. Your very well could achieve top spot.

 Core Archery is available for download off of Google Play for free with ads supporting the game. You can get rid of the ads through a single IAP for $1.10. You can check out the game in action with the trailer below.

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