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DroidGamers Daily Deals: Pay What You Want for the Learn to Code Bundle

Today’s DroidGamers Deal is our second Pay What You Want type of bundles, this time for a bundle to teach you coding for a variety of different platforms, all based around web coding though. Just like our first bundle, this one also helps support Project HOPE, with part of the proceeds from each sale going to this charity.

This Learn To Code bundle covers everything from HTML5 and CSS3 to PHP & MySQL and Ruby Rails programming. All of this is good to know, especially if you plan to build browser-based games that are responsive and mobile compatible. In total there is over 92+ hours of instruction and hands-on learning with this bundle.

Usually this bundle would cost around $1,539 but right now you can pay whatever you want and receive two of the courses in this bundle. If you pay over the average amount, you’ll get all of them, which is a total of 9 courses. This would make for a good Christmas present for anyone you know that wants to learn how to code.

Just like our original Pay What You Want bundle, this one also has a giveaway attached to it. If you make it onto the leaderboard at ANY point during the sale, you will gain 1 entry to our MonoRover R2 ‘Hoverboard’ Giveaway. Make the Top of the Leaderboard at any point during the sale and you will gain 5 entries to the giveaway. Of course you’re also supporting a great charity as well.

DroidGamers Deals: Pay What You Want: Learn To Code Bundle

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