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DroidGamers Cyber Monday Deal: An Additional 25% off all E-Learning packages with new promo code

Today being Cyber Monday, it would be strange if we didn’t do some sort of sale on our own store. With those e-learning bundles we have features from time to time, those seem to be a favorite for people and why not? It’s a great way to learn on your own time, whether it be mobile game development, using Unity3D, or even webdesign coding. Not only that, they are always at a good price.

However, for Cyber Monday, those good prices are even better. For today only, you can get an additional 25% off of any e-learning bundle over on our store. This does exclude the Pay What You Want bundles of course. Other than that, any of those bundles you’ve been wanting to purchase, you can now do so with an extra 25% off.

So how do you get the extra 25% off? All you have to do is pick the bundle(s) you want, head over to the checkout, and under the total due there is an option for if you have a promo code. Click that and enter CYBERMONDAY25 as your promo code. It’ll take off another 25% from your total due. Then you just pay and enjoy your new courses.

You can check out all the e-leaning bundles and courses over in the e-learning section of our store. Enjoy!

DroidGamers Deals: Cyber Monday e-learning sale

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