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Google Play’s Cyber Monday sale is in full swing across all categories in the Play store

If you didn’t manage to spend all of your money over the past couple of days, whether it be on Black Friday itself or the days surrounding it with all the sales, today begins the online version of Black Friday called Cyber Monday. To start off our Cyber Monday coverage, Google has put up a massive sale on Google Play across all categories. Technically this sale started Saturday but the real bulk of it appears today.

Whether it is a movie, a book, apps or a bunch of games you are looking for, there is plenty of it on sale right now on Google Play. In fact there is an entire section for their Cyber Monday sale listing everything that is currently discounted. There is even a section showcasing free games that have IAPs on sale instead.

Some games that have IAPs on sale include Marvel Contest of Champions, SimCity BuildIt, Jetpack Joyride, Star Wars: Uprising, and Dungeon Hunter 5. Games that have their base price discounted today include Lifeline, the Dragon Quest series, the Final Fantasy series, Dark Knight Rises, and Grim Fandango Remastered. This is just a sample of what’s available at a discounted price today for games.

There’s also a bunch of applications on sale, both with their base price or with subscription deals. This includes apps such as Showtime, Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords, FxGuru and more. For those of you looking to pick up movies, TV shows, book, magazines and anything else, there is a ton of those on sale as well.

You can check out a lot of what is discounted over in Google Play’s Cyber Monday sale section, but be advised that isn’t the full list of what is on sale. It is more of a featured list instead. So if you’re looking for something specific and it isn’t in that section, it doesn’t mean it isn’t on sale. We have plenty more Cyber Monday deals coming up.

Source: Google Play Cyber Monday

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