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PSA: Nvidia’s Shield Android TV is on sale for $150 with a free Shield Remote

Before all the anarchy of Black Friday and Cyber Monday arrived, we reported on Nvidia and their plans to drop the price of their Shield Android TV unit for both days. Depending on whether you wanted to buy one in an actual store or online, you were going to be able to pick one up for $150 including the free Shield Remote.

Well the Black Friday part of the company’s plans is over and with today being Cyber Monday, you can pick up a Shield Android TV unit from Amazon, Nvidia, or most other big online retailers for $150. This is the 16GB model of course, not the 500GB one. So in total, you will be getting the actual unit itself, a Shield controller, and the Shield Remote for $150. Nvidia also has some Shield games on sale which you can check out and stock up on.

Usually the Shield Android TV 16GB is priced at $199 and then you would have to pay another $50 for the remote. So you will be saving around $100 during today if you snag one. We have more Cyber Monday deals on the way! If you know of a great deal today, let us know so we can share it with everyone!

Amazon Marketplace: Nvidia Shield Android TV

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