Day: December 1, 2015

Game News

Explore caverns on alien worlds in Planet Diver, now on Google Play

Released by Fabrizio, Planet Diver is a diving game that we reported on in November and that’s just been released onto Android. Players assume the role of a planet diver, which is like a sky diver, only from greater heights like from space, and will look to dive into caverns on other worlds, wearing a special wing suit. The game includes 75 different missions, all of which occur in nine different biomes found on a variety of different worlds.

Game News

NetMarble brings their classic-style racing game to Android called Rush N Krush

NetMarble has announced the global release of their classic-style racing game Rush N Krush onto Android today. While this is labeled as a classic-style racing game, it is actually a hybrid title mixing endless running, racing, and action gameplay into one title. The action and racing parts are more of a kart racing style of gameplay with weapons on your vehicles, at least in one of the game modes.

Game News

Scott Games’ upcoming FNAF World gets some new screenshots to check out

Scott Games’ newest title is another Five Nights At Freddy’s game but isn’t actually part of the original series. Instead it is a standalone title that takes place in the FNAF universe and is appropriately called FNAF World. We reported on the first trailer for this game back in November and Scott Games has been working on this new RPG since the end of their original FNAF series.