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Dronify is a unique RTS game from Altacode that is now available for download

Altacode Gaming has released their first mobile game on Android called Dronify. Currently being labeled as an RTS style of game by the developers, in Dronify players will take command of a Drone which needs to protect its planet from oncoming enemies. As you progress through the game, enemies will continue to grow in power, so you’ll need to keep up with that.

In order to remain successful with protecting your planet, you’ll need to upgrade your Drone after each level. However, it isn’t totally about making yourself stronger either. Positioning, skill selection, use of different items, and so on also are important. Players will need to make sure they are positioned properly to catch and destroy as many enemies as possible.

So Dronify is a different type of RTS game than what many people may think of when they read the term RTS. Usually RTS games are all about building structures in your base, researching technology, and sending your troops out against your opponent. If you’re looking to try out something different in the RTS genre, then you may want to check this game out. Dronify is available off of Google Play for free with optional IAPs available as well.

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