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Fist of the North Star is back once again in Puzzle & Dragons with new collaboration

Awhile ago Fist of the North Star was part of a collaboration with Puzzle & Dragons where characters from the anime made an appearance in the Puzzle & Dragons game. Well Fist of the North Star is back with another cross-over with Puzzle & Dragons, although this time it is a lot shorter in length.

Starting today, players of Puzzle & Dragons can join up with the generals of the Five Stars of Nanto to challenge a Fist of The North Star-themed dungeon that has opened up in the game. Players will also be able to acquire new TAMADRAs inspired by series favorites, Kenshiro, Yuria, and Toki, each suitable for use in improving a Fist of the North Star character you may have.

Along with the above mentioned new TAMADRAs, this collaboration will also have new Ultimate Evolutions for previous characters, including Hokuto Shinken’s Successor, Kenshiro, Raoh, along with stat improvements for Raoh, Rei, and Gentle Fist Master, Toki. In total, the Fist of the North Star egg machine now has 15 characters available.

This collaboration is now available to participate in, and will run until Dec. 6th. The Dungeon features four difficulty levels – Intermediate, Expert, Master, and Conqueror.

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