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So Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, did you score some good deals this year?

Each year everyone in the US tend to lose their minds, camp out in front of their favorite store until it opens, hurdle shopping carts at times, and try to score the best possible deals they can on Black Friday. They we take to the internet and do it virtually with Cyber Monday, although sometimes we end up in a store or two on that day as well.

Usually we get to say it was worth all the hassle at the end of it all, scoring that new Android phone or tablet we’ve been wanting, or that new big smart TV. This year initial reports are stating that while Black Friday still had a lot of sales, that overall spending was down and the sales were not that great at most places. Interestingly enough, Cyber Monday and people shopping online since Black Friday seem to have been a lot more than previous year, bringing up the question: Is Cyber Monday replacing Black Friday? Some places are actually asking this.

Regardless of which way you went, whether it be in an actual store or a bunch of online shopping, what did you think about this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales? Amazon, for example, did a bit better than their ‘Prime Day’ sale earlier this year regarding the deals they had available. What deals did you score? Let us know in the comments below. Personally, I’ll be heading to Frys later this evening as they are doing a Cyber Monday sale… all week long. Sort of like what Amazon did with Black Friday this year. It isn’t even a ‘day’ of deals anymore. I see an LG V10 in my immediate future.

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