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Verizon customers can nab themselves a free Star Wars themed Google Cardboard VR headset

If you’re a fan of Star Wars and also happen to be a Verizon subscriber, then you’re in for a pretty awesome treat starting today. Verizon and Google have teamed up to give away Star Wars themed Google Cardboard VR headsets, but to Verizon customers only of course.

This isn’t the first Google Cardboard giveaway to happen, nor is it the first Star Wars themed item to show up lately either. I still have the R2-D2 Motorola phone from a few years ago. For this giveaway though, there are four different headset designs to choose from. Each customer only can pick one, so unless you know someone who works at a Verizon store, or feel like going to multiple locations, you will have a touch choice ahead of you.

You have a Stormtrooper, villain Kylo Ren and two of the droids, R2-D2 and BB-8, to choose from. All of them look pretty cool and all are functioning Google Cardboard VR headsets as well. Of course you will need to get to a Verizon store and be a customer in order to get your free Star Wars Cardboard headset, especially while supplies last.

Website Referenced: CNet

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