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Nvidia’s Shield Android TV now offers Twitch stream viewing for owners

Nvidia’s Android Shield TV, and their tablet for that matter, already had built-in streaming capabilities to Twitch. However, as of today, owners of the Shield Android TV unit can also watch live boardcasts and anything else available on the Twitch streaming platform.

According to Nvidia, the Shield Android TV is now the only media device currently available that allows for Twitch stream viewing as well as built-in Twitch streaming capabilities all in one unit. So what exactly does this mean? Well, it means that the Twitch application now supports Android TV. It comes with all the features that you normally find on your Android device when using the Twitch app, but on your Shield Android TV.

So if you own one of these units, you can now head over to Google Play and download the official Twitch application and start watching streams this way on your HDTV.

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