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Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima discusses the company’s mobile game plans

Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima did an interview with Time and during that interview he touched on a few different topics, one of which is the company’s mobile game plans. Up until the past few months, it was thought that Nintendo would be releasing some premium priced games on mobile. Currently they have 5 games planned for release onto mobile platforms between now and April 2017.

A couple of months back Nintendo announced their first ‘game’, which is really more of an application, called Miitomo. Even though their publishing deal is with DeNA, who deal with nothing but free-to-play games themselves, it was thought that Nintendo would at least have premium priced titles for mobile. Shortly after the announcement of Miitomo, it was confirmed that Nintendo would actually be releasing all free-to-play games. Fast-forward to today’s interview and those plans have been confirmed once again.

We want to increase the population of those people who have access to our IP, and we also need to make the way they access our IP as simple as we can or as easy as we can. And that’s how we’re going to make the smart device business successful. – Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima

Nintendo’s Miitomo

The goal of Miitomo is to attract and connect Nintendo fans across a multitude of platforms. So even though it is their first announced project, it is more of a communication app than a game. Of course Nintendo also has their hands in the upcoming Pokemon GO game, it isn’t part of their catalog of upcoming games for mobile.

When using Miitomo it’s going to be easier to do some of the Miitomo features if you have a Nintendo Account. It’ll be easier to reach out and talk to your friends.

My Nintendo will be a free service, and after registering you’ll be able to acquire points that can be used with the My Nintendo rewards program. My Nintendo will be replacing Club Nintendo as the company’s for dishing out exclusive gifts, downloads and discounts.

Unfortunately, it still looks like Nintendo is planning to stay on track with their plan to make all their games for mobile free-to-play titles.

Website Referenced: Time

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