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Rayark teases two additional new games that will be coming to Android in 2016

We are very close to the end of the year. Now is the time for some studios to begin showing their upcoming projects. Rayark has had a banner year with Implosion. We know they have an Implosion movie in the works, and now, they have released trailers for two new games coming to Android/iOS some time next year.

We know there are updates coming for their gamesĀ Cytus and Deemo pretty soon. We also reported yesterday, that they have a new rhythm music-based game called Voez, that will be in 2016 as well. Rounding out the most recent information from Rayark, they published two new trailers for games that are coming in 2016. We don’t have a timeline for the release of the games, but the trailers have us quite intrigued. The first trailer is for Sdorica Sunset. The concept of the trailer is brilliant. It looks like it could have been created in Pixar’s studios. It is set in a studio and characters and scenes come to life. Could it be an RPG, a side-scrolling game, or an endless runner? Who knows, but we want to find out more as soon as possible, and trust me, we are working on that for you.

While I am really excited about Sdorica Sunset, I am seriously hyped about Soul of Eden. It really has less information shown in the trailer, but it too, is brilliantly conceived. If you enjoy reading comic books, then you know why. The art/graphics/animation is presented in a style that is akin to the comic book Run, Love, Kill, which is published by Image Comics. The authors and artists for that story are Jonathan Tsuei and Eric Canete. I am dropping in an image of one of the front covers of the comics so you can see why I say they are similar in style, which is quite awesome. If you haven’t checked out the series by Image Comics, it has a pretty interesting story with beautiful pen work done primarily by Canete.

Soul of Eden could be a MOBA, or it could be more like the space-mech action romp Implosion, that a lot of people enjoyed playing last year. Even though the trailer is a minute long, you get the idea that complete chaos and fierce battles will be taking place in the game.

RUNLOVEKILL Comic by Image Comics

We are going to see what else we can find out about these two upcoming games. As soon as we know more, we will be reporting on it. What do you think of the new titles? Are you interested? As an aside, does anybody read Run, Love, Kill too? You can check out the trailers for Soul of Eden and Sdorica Sunset below.

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