Day: 9 December 2015


Fend off the Ice Queen’s invasion in Nords: Heroes of the North, now out for Android

Released by Plarium, has announced that Nords: Heroes of the North is now out for Android. Set in the world of Shingård players will need to defend their land against the evil Ice Queen. You will be looking to match the Ice Queen, army for army, with hers being comprised of undead that are bent on conquest. Your army will be containing the disparate Elves, Dragons, Northmen and Orcs, who are only united to stop the Ice Queen.


The Beggar’s Ride platformer jumps into the Play Store today

Today, Android gamers have the privilege of playing one of the more interesting platformers to be released recently. If you are familiar with the game developers Bad Seed, then you know they make challenging, fun and graphically appealing games. If you aren’t familiar with them, maybe you remember playing a game called Sheep Up. Okay, now that rings a bell. Game publisher Energetic has collaborated with Bad Seed, to bring their latest puzzle/platformer to Android, called The Beggar’s Ride. 

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Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes – This is Not the RPG You Are Looking For

As fans the world over await the December 18th release of Episode VII with feverish anticipation (myself included), many have turned to the recent onslaught of media offerings to get their interim Star Wars fix. With a slew of new EU novels, multiple Marvel comic books, a new animated series and the blockbuster release of Star Wars Battlefront, Star Wars fans have been fed a continuous stream of Star Wars content over the past year. But what of those Star Wars fans that are more inclined to consume content on their mobile devices? Electronic Arts sought to leave no stone un-turned in that regard, but after having spent some time with their recent mobile “RPG,” Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, I am of the mind that this was a stone best left undisturbed.