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This is what it looks like to play Hearthstone using Voice Commands only

It’s the magical Hump Day today, or in other words it is Wednesday, which means the week is half over and the weekend draws near. There’s nothing like a little morning humor to get things going and today we have something pretty damn entertaining. While this specific thing was done on a PC, it is also completely do-able on your mobile device as well with the right software.

Sometimes doing something a little different can lead to hilarious results and that’s exactly what happened when someone tried to play Hearthstone using nothing but voice commands. If you use voice commands or text-to-speech for anything, than you know already that the translations can get pretty whacked out. No take that and apply it to actual gameplay. You can see Gloudas’ attempt at playing Hearthstone against another player using nothing but voice commands in the video below. Enjoy this with your morning coffee!

Website Referenced: Kotaku

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