Day: December 10, 2015

Game News

Find the missing expedition in Tibet before the Nazis in Lost Horizon, now out on Google Play

As we mentioned last month Lost Horizon is now out for Android. Released by Animation Arts and Deep Silver FISHLABS, Lost Horizon is a point-and-click adventure game that takes place in Tibet during 1936. Players will assume the role of a pilot named Fenton Paddock, who is offered the chance to track down an exposition that ended in mystery somewhere in the highlands of Tibet.

Game News

DroidGamers Triple Deal: Unity3D Development Course, White Hat Hacker Bundle, and the free Android Mobile Hacker Bundle

Today’s DroidGamers Deal is actually a triple feature, with three bundles available and all of which are different and can be obtained for as little as nothing. Can’t really beat the price of free right? Depending on what your interest is, or that of the person you’re buying these for Christmas, these are all pretty neat bundles.