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Bethesda Game Studios opens up a new studio over in Montreal to further mobile game development

Bethesda, the folks behind a number of popular franchises of video games including Fallout Shelter, have opened up a new studio over in Montreal, Canada. The goal of this new studio is to help further the company’s mobile game development, which means we haven’t seen the last of Bethesda and mobile game releases.

Of course the studio isn’t solely focused on mobile games, as it will have titles for all platforms being worked on there, but mobile is one of those platforms. Fallout Shelter has done extremely well for the company, surpassing the 10 million downloads mark on Android alone.

With the opening of a new studio also comes jobs, and Bethasda is looking to fill positions over in their new Montreal location. For those of you wanting to try your hand at snagging one of those positions, you can find all the details for that here. Unfortunately Bethesda didn’t mention any of the projects that Montreal would be working on, so we will have to wait and see.

Website Referenced: Bethesda

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