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Final Fantasy: Record Keeper updated with holiday goodies, new User Interface and more. New giveaway live to celebrate.

Final Fantasy: Record Keeper had received a pretty massive update recently which brought some big changes to parts of the game as well as holiday goodies to all of it. Today Square Enix and DeNA have decided to start giving away goodies in order to celebrate the release of the update.

For those of you who haven’t updated your game yet, since the update has been out for a week or so now, Final Fantasy: Record Keeper has an entirely new User Interface for its Home Screen. While the entire look of the Home Screen and its User Interface have been changed to looks a lot better, it isn’t all aesthetics that got fiddled with. Some of the functionality has also been tweaked. For example, players can now see what dungeons are accessible by switching between two view modes. You can look for dungeons by FF title or use the Progress Map.

Holiday decorations have also arrived and some new holiday exclusive weapons are slated to arrive on Dec. 16th, 2015. This holiday exclusive weapon is called the “Stormlance Grimoire”. Also coming on Dec. 16th, 2015 as a login bonus rewards are the 4★ Samurai ability “Darkmoon” and the 5★ accessory “Crystal Orb”. It seems Dec. 16th is the big day in the game because the holiday event “Festive Fantasy” also begins on that date. This event will run until Jan. 1st, 2016.

On Dec. 15th, 2015, the Home Screen and everything will change to the holiday season look. Logging in on this day will get you a special 5★ made specifically for this season, but you won’t get it until Dec. 25th. Starting today and running until Dec. 24th, players will be able to participate in the Sephiroth Event: Blood Madness event. We won’t give out too much regarding this event, but you will be able to recruit Sephiroth and Reno, and Sephiroth’s Memory Crystal II can be earned as a reward.

In order to celebrate this update and all the events in it starting, Square Enix and DeNA are giving away a bunch of stuff ranging from rare in-game premium items to actual swag. This includes T-shirts signed by Art Director Tetsuya Nomura or Producr/Director of Final Fantasy XIV Noaki Yoshida. There are multiple giveaways to check out.

Official Website: Final Fantasy: Record Keeper Giveaways

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