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Ndreams raises $3 million to build new Virtual Reality games

A UK-based company called Ndreams has announced that they have raised a cool $3 million in funds to build new Virtual Reality games. The money was raised from Mercia Technologies and will go towards building VR games for a variety of headsets including the Samsung Gear VR.

Ndreams was founded back in 2006 by Patrick O’Luanaigh who used to be a Codemasters executive and worked on games like Hitman and Tomb Raider. So the company does have some experience in the gaming industry. The goal is to build very immersive Virtual Reality games, and the company is already working on their first title called The Assembly. This is an adventure games which is planned to work on all high-end headsets.

This additional investment allows us to extend our capabilities as a publisher and accelerate our efforts as we head into 2016. With these new hires, we’ve raised the bar in terms of our studio’s skillset, knowledge base and quality of our future output. – Patrick O’Luanaigh

The company has already hired staff from Rockstar Games and Playstation for their future releases. They don’t appear to be planning on picking one headset to developer for, and instead are targeting multiple headsets for their games.

Website Referenced: Business Insider

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