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EA’s Sim City BuildIt turns 1yr old this week and gets updated to celebrate it

EA’s Sim City BuiltIt title for mobile has finally turned 1-year old this week and to celebrate this birthday, the company has released an update for the game. This update fits right in with this time of year as well, being a Winter-themed update in general, but also with some holiday goodies as well.

For those of you who play Sim City BuildIt, with this update you can now expand into the mountains. This means that you will also have a variety of different buildings that fit into this sort of region. You will have a winter resort for your population to visit and enjoy. This resort comes with its own winter castle, a ski lift, and trams. That, however, isn’t all of what can be built at this resort as there are multiple specialized buildings available just for this new region.

As we mentioned earlier, this update also brings with it some holiday goodies for players to partake in. There are a variety of new holiday-themed items available such as the Holiday Gift Market or a Holiday Tree. Lastly, if you’re a real pro at this game, you now can use the Epic Projects feature to further customize residential buildings even more.

This update is now available for download off of Google Play. If you’re looking to try this game out for the first time, Sim City BuildIt is available for free as well.

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