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Camouflaj has finally released Episode 4 God’s Acre for Republique on Android

Folks who have been playing the Republique series from Camouflaj have been waiting for the release of episode 4 for awhile now. Well the wait is over as episode 4 is now available for both mobile and PC versions of the game, continuing the journey that Hope is currently on.

In episode 4, called God’s Acre, you will be navigating Hope beyond the confines of the underground facility into a gothic graveyard. Armed with little more than Hope’s sheer wit and the cover of night, you must help Hope avoid detection by the groundskeeper while hacking electronic devices and solving the many puzzles of the crypt. If you’ve been playing the series since the beginning, then you’ll know that this is actually quite fun of a story arc.

Since Camouflaj teamed up with GungHo Entertainment back in June of this year, Camouflaj can now concentrate solely on making new episodes for Republique and other games, with GungHo taking over the promotional aspects of things. So hopefully episode 5 doesn’t take as long. You can pick up episode 4 God’s Acre for $4.99 as an IAP within Republique. You can check out the trailer for episode 4 below.

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