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Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes gets updates with addition characters from Force Awakens

EA has pushed out an update today for their Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes with additional characters, all of which are inspired by Star Wars: The Force Awakens. In total, there are ten new characters from players to collect and use in their teams. With the addition of new characters mean you’ll also be able to figure out new strategies for combat as well.

With the addition of these new character, the entire roaster players can pick from is now over 60. Here is a list of each new character from The Force Awakens along with a description of their benefits in combats and so on.

· Finn: Resistance Tank that keeps the pressure up with a balance between offense and defense
· Kylo Ren: Versatile First Order attacker that evades projectiles and can reuse special attacks when damaged
· Captain Phasma: High damage leader that can grant First Order allies many extra attacks
· Poe Dameron: Resistance Tank with a Taunt that inflicts Expose for big reversals
· Rey: Risky Attacker with high damage and evasion, but is vulnerable to debuffs
· First Order Stormtrooper: First Order Tank that uses Advantage to disrupt enemies
· First Order Officer: First Order support that grants Advantage and can manipulate both ally and enemy Turn Meters
· First TIE Order Pilot: First Order attacker that can deal extreme damage in a single turn with Advantage
· Resistance Pilot: Resistance attacker that can use Expose, Foresight, and Turn Meter gains to surprise enemies
· Resistance Trooper: Opportunistic Resistance attacker that can deal heavy damage to debuffed enemies

EA is celebrating this update by offering a new login reward for all players. If you log in between December 18th and December 31st, you will receive two free character that are inspired by the movie. For Android users, those two free characters are Captain Phasma and the Resistance Trooper.

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