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Asus and AdBlock are teaming up to block ads on upcoming Android phones and tablets

Asus and AdBlock have teamed up to come up with a way to block advertisements on all future Android smartphones and tablets from Asus. This will be built into Android natively, but will only work with the default Android browser and not with third-party applications like Firefox and Chrome.

For users, this is a pretty nice feature to have built right into Android. It does, however, come as a double-edged sword because the majority of website online rely on advertising revenue to survive. So while not having ads when surfing the internet through the Android browser is nice, it is also inevitably hurting the sites people will be looking at.

We’re extremely happy to team up with Asus, the first major hardware manufacturer to integrate ad blocking into their mobile devices. This is another call for innovation in the ad industry—a call getting louder by the day. – AdBlock co-founder and CEO Till Faida

Of course if a site only has a few ads, having them visible isn’t a bad thing. Sites with a ridiculous amount of ads, on the other hand, are annoying to try and look through. If it functions like AdBlock normally does, then hopefully people will remember to whitelist their favorite sites to support them.

Website Referenced: TalkAndroid

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