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Don’t Screw Up is a humorous new game that loves to insult you when you mess up

Don’t Screw Up! is an interesting new game from developers named Shadow Masters. This game is sort of like a Simon Says type of game, except for the fact that it’s geared towards playing it on your mobile device, and it will make sure you are well aware that you’ve screwed up when you actually do screw up.

Essentially players will need to follow the instructions given to them. So if the guy in the game say to tap your screen five times, you tap your screen five times. If he tells you to swipe once, count to five, then tap your screen twice, then that’s what you have to do. If, and when, you screw up on the instructions given to you, the game will make sure you know you’ve screwed up, usually by pointing it out along with your flaws, crushing your ego and leaving you sitting in a corner crying. Well… maybe not that serious, but it will make you question your intelligence.

The goal, of course, is to get as high of a score as possible. The guy in this game will encourage you along the way as you try to beat your best score. You can also try to beat your friends’ scores as well. Instructions start off easy, but progressively get more and more difficult. When you mess up, you will have to start over again. You also only have a couple of seconds to do his instructions properly. To get a general idea of the tone of this game, here’s what the welcome screen says to you:

This is Don’t Screw Up. Follow my instructions and don’t make a mistake like your parents did by having you.

Fantastic isn’t it? For those of you interested in trying out this game, and are not worried about having your ego having shots taken at it, then you can download Don’t Screw Up! off of Google Play for free and is ad supported. You can remove the ads in this game through a single IAP for $1.99.

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