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Monster Castle gets its Christmas update with new heroes and more

Sixjoy’s rather enjoyable tower defense style game called Monster Castle has received its Christmas update which brings with it plenty of holiday themed changes as well as new heroes and more. Like some of the other game updates we have been talking about, this one also have some updates done to the main game as well.

Starting with the Christmas themed goodies, Monster Castle has two new additional heroes players can recruit: Rudolph and Storm Tetrisnov. The castle, and monsters, are all decked out in their finest Christmas gear as well (Christmas trees, wreaths and tinsel against a snowy winter backdrop). Lastly, there’s a bunch of different in-game sales and discounts on the IAPs for the holidays.

As for the main gameplay part of the update, Monster Castle now has a number of new buffs to help players with castle defense. There’s also a new item that will accelerate the cooldown for building and production. The Statue of Azathoth has also arrived, which is an underground chamber that allows players to producer resources faster.

This Christmas update is now available for download off of Google Play. If you want to check this game out, it too can be downloaded off Google Play for free.

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