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EXP Game is a new pre-registering platform for Android games

Another platform geared towards pre-launch registrations for Android games is now available on Google Play called EXP Game. Similar to, EXP Game allows users to browse through a variety of games that are currently in pre-registration status before it officially launches on Google Play.

Users can sift through the catalog of games available to pre-register for, as well as seeing what those games are offering in the way of rewards for signing up. After signing up for a particular game, you will be kept up-to-date on any updates about the game’s launch, or when the game actually lands on Google Play.

EXP Game Features:

– After installing EXP Game app, pre-register for not yet released games with click of a button
– Manage coupons for pre-registered games conveniently on one menu
– Just by logging into the app, you can view list of upcoming new games
– Get instant notification the moment your pre-registered game releases
– Obtain redeemable coupon for current games
– Obtain redeemable coupon for popular games even if you have missed the pre-registration step
– Join game beta test conveniently
– Easily view and access online game beta tests (FGT, CBT) information at tip of your finger.

Once a game has been released, you’ll be able to redeem your rewards that the developer was offering through the app itself. You can also keep track of what offers you have redeemed, and ones that you haven’t. EXP Game has just recently finished its own testing phase and fully launched earlier this month. You can download this application off of Google Play for free.

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