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See how many stars you can collect in Poppy Droppy: Star Collector, now available for Android

Released by Crave Creative Games, Poppy Droppy: Star Collector is a new casual, arcade style game. Players are seeking to collect stars by controlling a little character on the screen. The stars are found in bubbles that populate the screen, and players will move their character around to pop said bubbles.

Players will also need to be careful, as the top of the screen is lined with spikes that will “pop” the character upon contact, and the character can fall off the bottom of the screen as well. The game played endlessly, so play will continue until the character dies.

Poppy Droppy Features:

– Avoid Spikes
– Collect Stars
– Jump On Bubbles
– Pop Bubbles To Release Stars

Poppy Droppy: Star Collector is available from Google Play, Amazon, and the app store for Nooks, for a flat $0.99 with no IAPs either.

Amazon Marketplace: Poppy Droppy: Star Collector


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