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DroidGamers Deals: Mighty Marquee Desk Light and NES30 Pro Bluetooth Game Controller

Now that the holidays are over, as is CES, we can sort of get back to some of our regular lives, at least for a couple of weeks till the next big conference. In the meantime, we can get back to posting some of the cool deals over on our store and today we have two of them. There is the NES30 Pro Bluetooth Game Controller and the Mighty Marquee Desk Light to check out.

NES30 Pro Bluetooth Game Controller

The name of this Bluetooth controller may seem familiar and that’s because this particular one is also made by the same company who made the SNES30 controller we talked about back in November of last year. While that controller was a replica of the SNES controller, this one is a replica of the original Nintendo controller with one difference, it has a rounded design and some additional buttons and thumbsticks for use with modern games.

NES30 Features:

  • Play your favorite games on different platforms: iOS, Android, PC, etc.
  • Connect & use multiple controllers in multi-player mode for iOS/Mac
  • Use w/ 3rd-party game platforms on Baidu, KO Gaming City, etc.
  • Take advantage of the high-speed CPU & zero lag time
  • Add expansions in the future using the upgradeable firmware
  • Enjoy the retro, NES-inspired design
  • Take anywhere due to its sleek, slim construction

Normally this controller is priced at $50, but for the next few days it can be picked up for $36.99 which is 26% off. Since this is a Bluetooth controller, it can be used with any devices that allows for Bluetooth connections.

DroidGamers Deals: NES30 Pro Bluetooth Controller

Mighty Marquee Desk Light

If you’re into all things related to video games, including collectibles and just general gaming items, then having a desk light featuring classic gaming logos is definitely one of the cooler items in that category. It comes with three different game logos, but you can create your own as well and connect it to the light part.

Mighty Marquee Desk Light Features:

  • Powered by USB
  • Illuminated w/ 15 LED lights for the ideal brightness
  • Connects the images to the square via magnet
  • Allows you to swap out images or even create your own
  • Includes a Centipede Graphic, Star Wars Graphic & Donkey Kong Graphic

Usually priced at $89, this desk light is now available for the next 24hrs at 43% off, which equals $49.99. Just a neat little idea for a video game themed area, room, or whatever you may have set up.

DroidGamers Deals: Mighty Marquee Desk Light

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