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Try your hand at monetizing wool in Sheep Farm, now available on Google Play

Released by Csharks Games and Solutions Pvt Ltd, Sheep Farm is a new sim game that’s been released on Android. Players will assume the role of farmer Ben, who is employed on the eponymous Sheep Farm. Both the sheep, as well as related equipment, will fall under the farmer’s menu.

As the sheep are shaved, the wool needs to be taken to market and sold. Beyond that, there are other responsibilities for running the farm. Players will need to manage the proceeds in order to buy new and younger sheep, sell off older ones, and keep on eye on when to restock supplies such as sheep feed, medicine, and grass, among others. You will also have tools to assist in all of this. There is currently both a wool cleaning unit, and a ‘yarning’ unit.

Sheep Farm Features:

– Lots of activities
– Four different game scenes
– Story based time management game

The game’s page on Google Play also promises that a unit for dyeing is on its way, in a future update. Sheep Farm is available on Google Play for download for free with no IAPs either. Like usual, you can check this game out in action ahead of time with the trailer below.

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