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[Update: Pricing] Boomzap announces a couple of launch dates for two new games: Monster Roller and Super Awesome RPG

Boomzap, the developers behind the Super Awesome Quest game, have announced two launch dates for two new Android games. One of those games we have already talked about briefly, which is Monster Roller. The other is a completely new game we haven’t heard of until now called Super Awesome RPG.

Update: January 15th, 2016 9:47am PST: Just a quick update about Super Awesome RPG. We heard back from Boomzap about the pricing for this game, and it will cost you $4.99 to snag a copy of it when it launches. However, you will be able to try the game first by downloading the Lite version for free.

Monster Roller

Monster Roller is a game we talked about back in November of last year when the beta for it began. If you missed our original article about this game, here’s a quick recap. Monster Roller is a battle strategy game with real-time multiplayer PvP combat.  Players will pick a ‘mode’ for each active monster, then ‘roll’ to see what move that monster will perform. Modes include things like Attacking, Defending, Healing, and so on, and then the move you end up doing will be within that mode for that roll. The rolling part comes in the form of a slot machine type of mechanic.

There is the standard leveling system in Monster Roller as well. You’ll be leveling up and training your monsters as you progress through this game. You can also evolve them through the game’s hatching and incubation system. For this game, anyone interested in snagging a copy will be able to do so on January 27th, 2016. if you live in the Philippines, you can access the game via its current soft launch.

Super Awesome RPG

The second game, which is the newly announced one, is called Super Awesome RPG. This game is similar to their previous title called Super Awesome Quest, but with different mechanics and features, but based in the same universe. According to Boomzap: “This is an anime-themed tactical RPG, with a card game-style combat system wherein actions come from what equipment your heroes wear, and executing attacks is done through a one-thumb scratch-card like mechanic”. In other words, there really isn’t a class system in the traditional sense.

This game also has side quests outside of the main campaign, a pet system which are upgrade-able, and a dungeon mode for those of you who want to just do a little dungeon crawling. Unlike Super Awesome Quest, this game will be a premium title, with no IAPs involved. Super Awesome RPG will be landing on Android globally on January 20th, 2016.

Developer Website: Boomzap

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