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Fight and level up to a musical beat in FantasyBeat: RhythmAction, now available for Android

Released by I&C Soft, FantasyBeat: RhythmAction RPG is just what the name would indicate, a rhythm-based RPG. With a story that contains the classic clash between good and evil, as players seek to save their kingdom from peril. Players will pursue, attack, and defend, all to the beat of the music. On the other hand, players will be facing of against bosses, as well as upgrading and customizing characters.

To that end, there are over 100 different types of equipment. Players also will have the option to create their own levels, as well as their own guardians (read: over-sized beasts, gauging from the video). The game contains ten different levels, 200 different single stages, and five different modes comprised of the following: General, Escape, Chase, Defense and Boss mode.

FantasyBeat: RhythmAction Features:

– Follow the rhythm to defeat monsters and save the world!
– Fusion of RPG and rhythm game
– Defeat monsters to earn EXP, grow your characters with better equipments and use unique skills of each character to enjoy RPG features
– Easy interface
– Adorable characters and monsters
– Challenge and Defeat your Evil foes in an epic Rhythm battle
– Unleash your skills to draw fatal blows to your opponent
– Collect over 100 items and equipment to upgrade and customize your character and build the unique hero this world deserves
– Enjoy an enchanting Fantasy themed soundtrack to drive you during the battles
– Put your abilities to the test in the Battle mode and know who among your friends, is the best player

FantasyBeat: RhythmAction is available from Google Play for free with optional IAPs included. You can check out the game in action with the trailer below.

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