Day: 15 January 2016


Long running gameshow Countdown now has an official game on Android

Released by Barnstorm Games, Countdown is a new puzzler that’s now out for Android, and is based on the long running game show from the UK. In this game, players are looking to solve word and number games. Countdown is comprised of 3 phases: making the longest word possible from a string of random letters, using a string of random numbers to mathematically equate an additional and unrelated random number, and the Conundrum, which is where the players compete to be solve an anagram that’s nine letters long.


Nintendo confirms its first mobile game release will arrive in March 2016

Whether or not you consider Nintendo’s first offering for mobile users an actual game, the company has come out today to confirm when Miitomo would be landing on mobile devices. Originally announced in the Fall of last year, Miitomo is Nintendo’s first of five planned releases for mobile users, all of which will be published by DeNA after the two companies formed a partnership last year.


Google FINALLY adds promo codes to the developer console for Google Play

One of the features that Google Play has been seriously lacking since its inception was the ability to use promo codes. Apple’s iTune store allows developers to make promo codes to give out copies of their games and apps, but it is something that Android has been missing all this time. Well it appears that Google has finally added the ability for developers to make promo codes as well through the developer’s console.