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HTC may open up a separate Virtual Reality focused company

Interesting news today coming out of Taiwan in regards to HTC and their Virtual Reality efforts. It appears that the company will be starting up a spin-off company of sorts to focus on Virtual Reality related products that HTC chair Cher Wang and HTC would own, even though it would run as a separate entity.

The idea of having a separate company focused on Virtual Reality related products with HTC has actually been floating around for some time apparently. According to an unnamed source, it was originally brought up by HTC’s former CEO Peter Chou. When he stepped down, the conversation over the idea has been put aside, but was brought back up recently by Cher Wang.

While the rumored price tag for the HTC Vive is pretty high, coming in at $1500, the company itself is actually in a pretty good position to make some moves in the Virtual Reality sector. They already have their own headset obviously, but also have been forming partnerships with a few companies to expand the technology for their headset, including Valve and WEVR.

Of course all of this may not matter if HTC can’t make their first entry into the commercial Virtual Reality space more accessible. We will have to wait and see whether or not HTC does open up this new company, or if they keep things remaining within the HTC company itself.

Website Referenced: TalkAndroid

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