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Humble Mobile Bundle is ‘Pac’ked full of Bandai Namco mobile games and is now live

Well, it looks like the Humble Mobile Bundle may be back after a short absence. If you weren’t aware, Humble Bundle did away with the mobile bundles and were going to add mobile games to their regular bundles. Unfortunately that never full came to life as all the bundles after that announcement happened had no mobile games in them. Whether this new bundle is the permanent return of the mobile bundles or not remains to be seen, but this one is themed around Bandai Namco titles.

The Humble Mobile Bundle: Bandai Namco has seven games to start off with, three of which are Pac-Man games. The other titles include games such as Crush the Castle, Ridge Racer Slipstream, and so on. This is a three tier bundle, which almost works like a normal Humble Bundle but with an additional tier with a fixed price.

Pay any amount over $1 and get:

– Crush the Castle
– Pac-Man Kart Rally
– Flight Control

Pay above the average amount and also get:

– Puzzle Quest 2 (Full Edition)
– Pac-Man Championship Edition
– Ridge Racer Slipstream (Special Edition)

Pay above $5 and also receive:

– Pac-Man CE DX

At the time of writing, the average amount is sitting at $4.56, so adding another $0.50 basically and you’ll get everything. As long as you pay above the average amount when purchasing this bundle, you’ll also receive any additional games that will be added to this bundle next week. Of course you can split your payment up however you want, whether all goes to this bundle’s charity (Save the Children), Humble Bundle, or a mix. You can also choose your own charity.

We will post an update next week when more games are added. So, is everyone happy that the Humble Mobile Bundle is back? Hopefully it will be a permanent return and not a temporary one.

Official Website: Humble Mobile Bundle: Bandai Namco

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