Day: 19 January 2016


Battlestation: Harbinger gets part 1 of its Extended Edition update and goes on sale

Bugbyte released their Battlestation: Harbinger title onto Android in the Fall of last year. Shortly after its release, the developers started up a Kickstarter campaign to development a huge content expansion for their game, making it into an ‘Extended Edition’ as they are calling it. Well that campaign was a success and part 1 of this massive content update arrived earlier this month.


The Making of a Masterful Puzzle Game: DroidGamers Interviews Ultrateam about Ultraflow 2

Puzzle games have a huge following in the Play Store. Everyone likes a good challenging game that they can play that doesn’t take a lot of time. You can hop right in, play a game or two and move on. Or, you can spend more time perfecting your skills if the game is long enough. The Ultrateam knows how to make a good puzzle game. Their first game ULTRAFLOW was downloaded over three million times in the Play Store and the iOS App Store. As anyone would consider that hugely successful, DroidGamers had an opportunity to interview the team, to find out what makes a good puzzle game, and why they decided to pursue a sequel, with the recently released ULTRAFLOW 2.