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Expand your vocabulary with GRE Words Puzzle, now available from Google Play

For players who are looking for a fun way to prep for the Graduate Records Exam, or just strait up help out their own vocabulary, GRE Words Puzzle is a new entry onto Google Play that can address this. Released by Zabuza Labs, this game is essentially a simple word puzzler.

Players will begin each level by looking at a jumble of word segments, that are all broken apart and scrambled on the screen. Players will need to slide them around the screen, until they form words. When completed, they will resemble the layout that one would find in either Scrabble, or a crossword puzzle.

This game also offers hints and clues to the player, in the form of offering synonyms or alternate definitions. These hints can be unlocked with the coins players earn by completing levels, at the cost of 25 coins per hint. All told, there are 100 levels to this particular title. GRE Words Puzzle is available for free from Google Play with no IAPs present.

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