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Groupees has a bundle of 8 Herocraft games on sale for a minimum of $2

Groupees sometimes has some pretty interesting bundles that people can buy and enjoy. Today marks the beginning of a new Herocraft-themed bundle, totaling eight games, all of which are available for a starting price of $2.00. That’s basically $0.25 a game if you stay with paying the minimum price.

Groupees bundles work in a similar fashion to Humble Bundle and other bundle services. You get a selection of games for any price you want to pay, with a minimum of a $1 being required. Where Groupees differs from other services is that you can build your own bundle. So if you already own, for example, three of the Herocraft games in this bundle, you can actually just select the remaining 5 games and the minimum price changes accordingly. So in this example, if you only need 5 of the games being offered, the minimum price would be $1.25. Of course you can choose to pay more in order to support the developers and Groupees.

Herocraft Bundle includes:

– Gibbets 2
– Zombie Derby
– Medieval Wars: Strategy & Tactics
– Plancon: Space Conflict
– Protoxide: Death Race
– Neon Commander
– Cath the Candy
– KiKORiKi

So, if there’s a few Herocraft games in this bundle that you want, snagging them at $0.25 a pop isn’t a bad deal at all. Of course you can grab them all for $2, or whatever price above $2 you feel you want to pay.

Official Website: Groupees Herocraft Bundle

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