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Nyko reveals a new controller for Android gamers called The Cygnus

Nyko are no strangers to the mobile gaming peripherals space, already having a few controllers available for Android gamers to use. Their newest product is another game controller for Android gamers called The Cygnus and it is now available as of today for anyone looking to snag a new controller.

The Cygnus controller is a full-sized Bluetooth controller with all the standard buttons and joysticks one would need. So you have the dual analog sticks, d-pad, four normal buttons, and trigger buttons on the front. There’s also some utility buttons on the controllers face such as the Home button.

This controller will work with any Android device (phone or tablet) running 3.0 or higher, set-top boxes, and VR headsets. It also uses the standard Android HID protocol, so it compatible with any controller-enabled Android games.

If you’re interested in snagging one of these controller, they are now available over on Amazon for $24.99 as well as Nyko’s own online store. We just got one of these in the mail, so you can expect a review in the coming days.

Official Websites: Nyko | Amazon

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