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Rumor: The Nintendo NX could work with smartphones, PCs, and other consoles

Interesting news coming out today about Nintendo’s upcoming console, and that is the rumor that the Nintendo NX will have support, or work with, smartphone, PC, and even other consoles such as the Playstation 4. Some of this information isn’t actually surprising if you’ve been following the news about the Nintendo NX and the company’s plans for mobile gaming as well.

If you’ve followed the coverage about everything Nintendo and mobile here, then you may remember that there was a rumor last year that the Nintendo NX would even be running an OS that would be built around Android. Of course that was denied to be true and rather quickly by Nintendo. However, if you look at the bigger picture a bit, even Nintendo’s first confirmed release called Miitomo hints at the upcoming console working with smartphones. Miitomo is basically an app where players can create a Mii avatar, which can learn and perform different actions, while connecting with your friends’ Miis. The whole Mii thing was created with the Wii and carried over into the Wii U. So it would make sense that smartphones would be able to connect and communicate with the NX with games/apps like the upcoming Miitomo.

This rumor has come about thanks to Macquarie Research Japan senior analyst David Gibson, who has been discussing the upcoming console. Part of a report on Nintendo’s financials is what he’s been working on but something in there must have tipped him off to this apparent smartphone/PC/console connection. A tweet from a Wall Street Journal Japan reporter, who must have read Gibson’s report, basically said that this may actually be a thing with the Nintendo NX.

If this is in fact true, and the Nintendo NX does come with smartphone, PC, and even Platstaton 4 support, that will be a huge step for Nintendo in expanding their business, which has otherwise been very closed off except for their own products. Between Nintendo’s expansion into mobile gaming, and other key tidbit of information such as Square Enix being willing to port Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn to the upcoming console, makes this rumor quite a solid possibility. As with all rumors though, take it with a grain of salt.

Website Referenced: Wii U Daily

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