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Skillz now allows mobile game developers to offer cash prize tournaments cross-platform

The platform called Skillz, which allows developers to offer cash prizes for tournaments within their games as well as paying the prizes out, has pushed out an update that now offers cross-platform support. Developers using this platform will now be able to host tournaments across iOS and Android for cash prizes.

This platform has actually been around for a bit now, with developers using it to host tournaments in their mobile games with cash prizes. Winners would also be paid through the service as well. According to the developers of Skillz, this update puts their platform up as the first ever cross-platform multiplayer cash prize system for tournaments within mobile games. Obviously, the benefits the cross-platform features bring to mobile gaming tournaments, especially the mobile eSports world, are pretty obvious.

It should also actually increase the amount of games, normal and mobile eSports wise, offering cash prizes. It should be interesting to see how many more games start offering cash tournaments in the near future. Developers interested in using Skillz can sign up over on their website to learn more.

Official Website: Skillz

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